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Lewis Thompson
Journals of an Integral Poet

Volume One: 1932 to 1944

Edited by Richard Lannoy

An inspiring story of profound commitment to awakening through the utmost exertion of poetic action, told with daring and fiery zeal.  In a luminous and accessible style that is critical, incisive and refreshingly alive, Thompson’s recounts his daily search for and experience of liberation while living in India among such spiritual luminaries as Sri Ramana Maharshi and Ananadamayi Ma. Thompson’s Western heritage – from Blake to Rimbaud – is illuminated by the wisdom of Indian thought, myth and symbol.

Reviewed in Temenos Academy
Review 2009.

Integral Realist
The Journals of Lewis Thompson

Volume Two: 1945 to 1949

Edited by Richard Lannoy

"The critical point where European and Indian traditions of thought interrogate one another in full mutual respect...  Phrase after phrase that might appear, at first glance, to be merely descriptive, acts on the imagination like the ringing of a temple bell; illusory boundaries between inner and outer are dissolved, and the poet is so entirely present inside the language into which he conjures his experience that there is no separating the one from the other or the observer from the thing observed."

Lindsay Clark

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Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine
environment - social justice- arts - ethical living March/April 2013

Review of Lewis L.Thompson
by Gay Watson,
author of Philosophy of Emptiness

The article features a painting of
Lewis L. Thompson by Richard Stodart.
See painting at:





New Release

Let's Talk About
In Early Childhood

Karen Griffin Roberts, M.Ed.
Foreword by
Nadine A. Bolkhovitinov, NBCT, Ph.D.

"Let’s Talk About Autism in Early Childhood is definitely a go-to book for both parents and educators involved with children on the autism spectrum. Karen Roberts is straightforward
and eager to assist. Her comments and suggestions are user-friendly and perceptive, as well as easy to understand and apply. She talks about the “lifelong journey” she has made with her son. With that experience and her special education teaching background, Karen answers the pertinent questions parents have about autism.  Karen seeks to help parents face the challenges with more
understanding and strength. If you have a child, or are involved with a child, with autism spectrum
disorder and have questions and concerns, this book is a wonderful resource for you."

Judy Polivy, M.Ed., Special Education Teacher, Retired Parent Resource Center Liaison, Fairfax County Public School Parent Resource Center

Let's Talk About
Early Language

Ana Gamarra Hoover, M.Ed.
Karen Griffin Roberts, M.Ed.

Foreword by Mary Hanrahan, M.Ed.

"Let’s Talk About Early Language Development is a great place to start if you are concerned about
your child’s speech delay. It gives parents an idea about what a typical child should understand and
say at different ages. Hoover and Roberts describe the different kinds of language delays in an easy
to understand format. They give specific examples about what parents can do at home and throughout
the day to help their child. As the parent of a special needs son with a significant language delay, I found it comforting to know that a lot of what I do already, like talking and reading to my child, is exactly what he needs to develop his language in order to communicate. I recommend this book to parents of young children – it provides answers to questions that all parents have at some point."

Stephanie Hanley

Embracing Autism
In Preschool
Successful Strategies
For General Education Teachers

Karen Griffin Roberts
Foreword by Eva Thorp, Ph.D.

"Embracing Autism in Preschool is a valuable book for preschool teachers, special educators, speech/language clinicians and parents.  It underscores social interaction as the foundation for the development and use of language in natural settings.  These interactions are also crucial for further development of socialization, which is such a challenge for children on the autism spectrum.  This book's practicality and resources make it possible to truly feel, in Karen's words, that "it is a privilege to have a child with autism in your class."

— M. Jean Buffardi, M.S., CCC-SLP, speech/language pathologist, early childhood special educator, and adjunct instructor, George Mason University.


By James D. Boswell

Crush Depth Alert

Solutions To Applying Power
To America's Distressed
Financial Systems

James D. Boswell

New Release

Richard Stodart

Reflections on a painted picture/painting a picture

by Richard Stodart

The first comprehensive representation of paintings by the artist from 1973 to 2014, combined with his writings and reflections on nondual essence and form.

199 color plates; 15 b/w plates
Currently in limited circulation.
To order, contact us by email:[email protected]

The Intimacy of Picture/Reality

Richard Stodart

Paintings by Richard Stodart
Words by Hee-Jin Kim

In this poetic work of pictures/words and the universe, artist Richard Stodart examines the temporal intimacy of delusion and enlightenment in Dogen’s nondual realizational/dynamic perspective.

Twenty-three abstract paintings and judiciously selected passages from Dogen On Meditation And Thinking: A Reflection On His View of Zen by Hee-Jin Kim (SUNY Press, 2007), explicate Dogen’s vision of intimacy with enhanced clarity and excitement.

For DreamMaking paintings see:

Free and Easy Wandering
Markings on the Way

Richard Stodart

Inspired by a Taoist path of nonduality, Free and Easy Wandering is a journey of transformation within a nondual realizational/dynamic framework. The twelve markings from isolation to nonduality negotiate light and darkness as temporal designations of the activity of dependent origination.

Seventeen paintings illustrate the markings.


What really caused the 2008-2009 recession, and what are the global economic implications?  Singling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Boswell shows how these privately owned Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) set mortgage rates for the rest of the country and led the housing market into crisis.  Much-needed solutions are offered for boosting the economy – including the use of methodologies such as PERC (Performance Evaluation Report Card).

See current article on PERC at the Business Insider



Available on Kindle
and in paperback

Sacred SPARK

A Minister Mom's Quest to
Restore the Light in Her Son's Eyes
Inspires Her Church to Protect
Children from Harm and
Ignites a Global Debate About
Autism and Childhood Vaccines

Rev. Lisa K. Sykes
Epilogue by Mark Geier, M.D. Ph.D.
and David Geier
Foreword by Lenny Schafer, Editor,
The Schafer Report

Sacred Spark is the compelling true story of a child affected by mercury-poisoning and his minister-mother's decade-long battle to restore the light in his eyes.

Sacred Spark is also the inspiring story of Rev. Sykes' work with the United Methodist Church to pass the first global resolution advocating the elimination of mercury from medicine. As such, Rev. Sykes helps her church ignite a social justice movement on par with historical faith-based campaigns against child labor and slavery.

Sacred Spark is a pragmatic and compassionate call for putting the well-being of children first. Parents and physicians demanding safer vaccines will find clarity to support their informed choices, as well as inspiration and guidance to become advocates for children.

Rev. Sykes weaves into a seamless whole several strands of fast-paced and engrossing narrative: her family's horror in witnessing their happy toddler slip into autism; her victories in appropriate and landmark biomedical treatments for her son; her attempts to find precious allies against a corrupt and protected industry; the success of empowered parents to enact state bans on mercury and to approach Attorneys General across the country, and her own family's lawsuit defeat on a procedural technicality against a pharmaceutical company.

Spanish Edition of Sacred Spark

Also available on Kindle

Superman Billy Brett
takes on ADHD


Creating A Wonderful Life
With Imagination And Purpose

William G. Brett

In this lively autobiography, police officer Billy Brett offers a captivating look at his battle with ADHD as his friend and foe.  Billy Brett shows how he turned self-doubt into self-power, hyper focus into easy resourcefulness, a channel surfing mind without remote control into clear intent, and a fear of failure into imaginative success.  Funny, candid, and fast-paced, this book is an invaluable empowering resource for those wishing to understand ADHD with its challenges and struggles, its joyful freedom and creative expression.

Cover photo of William G. Brett as his hero, Superman, his inspiration in his battle with ADHD. See excerpt.


Rusty C. Moe

Available on Kindle
and in paperback

Bright Wild Stone
A Contemplative Journal of
Roots That Shape a Life

Rusty C. Moe

“Rusty Moe’s spiritual memoir is a lyric prose poem of pilgrimage that merrily turns Saint Augustine and Thomas Merton on their heads.  In sequence or at random, I can visit any section and find poetry, spirituality and physicality together, unfenced.  Inspired in its language, deeply meditative, fearless and mischievous, Bright Wild Stone achieves the trinity its title promises”.

Dan Carpenter, editorial columnist with the Indianapolis Star and author of Hard Pieces: Dan Carpenter’s Indiana, and a book of collected poems, More Than I Could See.

Way-marks  New Poems

Rusty C. Moe

Way-Marks celebrates the fleeting emotions and unplanned changes occurring within, and around, each of us. Reverent and quietly beautiful, Way-Marks is a perfect book for those engaging the markings of life and gratified to find that they are not alone.



Nancy Stodart

Richard Stodart

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Let's Talk About AUTISM
   In Early Childhood

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