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Bright Wild Stone

A Contemplative Journal
Of Roots That Shape A Life

Rusty C. Moe

ISBN: 978-0-971-78066-8
pages 210

$17.95 + shipping

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“Rusty Moe’s spiritual memoir is a lyric prose poem of pilgrimage that merrily turns Saint Augustine and Thomas Merton on their heads.  In sequence or at random, I can visit any section and find poetry, spirituality and physicality together, unfenced.  Inspired in its language, deeply meditative, fearless and mischievous, Bright Wild Stone achieves the trinity its title promises”.

Dan Carpenter,
Editorial columnist with the Indianapolis Star and author of Hard Pieces: Dan Carpenter’s Indiana, and a book of collected poems, More Than I Could See.

“I want to lay bare my own gospel to myself,” writes Rusty Moe, in this journal of his sixtieth year.  His intimacy and universality are good news to us all. Bright Wild Stone is a praise-song to truth, a spirit-journey of exuberance, wonder and grace.

Libby Falk Jones,
Professor of English at Berea College.
Author of Above the Eastern Treetops; Blue: Poems.