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Crush Depth Alert

Solutions To Applying Power
To America's Distressed
Financial Systems

James D. Boswell

ISBN: 978-0-971-78068-2
pages 148

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James Boswell, B.A., M.P.A., M.B.A., is a business analyst whose specialties include housing and real estate, financial management and accounting, risk management, budgeting, and executive information systems.


Every system and operation on a submarine has to work efficiently to support mission objectives.  Each crew member has to know his job and how it affects all other jobs on board. One weak valve can ‘scram’ the reactor and take the ship down.  James Boswell understands this well having served on a U.S. fleet ballistic missile submarine during a four-year period of the Cold War.  He suggests that running the U.S. financial system and a submarine have similar traits.  

An expert in housing analysis for risk management, Boswell provides the data analysis that gives the reader a first-hand opportunity to understand what really caused the 2008-2009 recession and what are the global economic implications.  Boswell says “housing” was only the first valve to form a leak on the USS United States and fears that other financial valves are being stressed to their limits.  In fact, without immediate corrective action, Boswell worries that the entire financial hull of the USS United States could implode sending our great ship of enterprise to the deep, dark and lonely economic bottom of the ocean.

In Crush Depth Alert the reader learns how the privately owned Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac put the country at risk by purchasing products from their own portfolios and further supplementing that policy by continuously lowering mortgage rates for over a twenty-five year period.  Overlooking reasonable fiduciary standards in their underwriting systems, the GSEs (and the big banks, too) encouraged American homeowners to increase mortgage debt well above the rate of our economic GNP growth.  Boswell also claims that the banks did not need a government TARP bailout.  Looking at public FDIC figures, Boswell reveals that the banks were simply short on cash and did not want to sell assets at bottom line prices.

Boswell offers much-needed solutions for boosting the economy, including the use of tools such as PERC (Performance Evaluation Report Card).  

“It is time we start watching the gauges to see that we are progressing towards the surface again, knowing that the true measure of our success is to make sure that the number of surfaces we make always equals the number of dives.”  James Boswell



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