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We also design logos.

At FLP, we take the time to understand your business. We offer experienced graphic design skills to help you create a unique company logo at a competitive price.

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NUNM Press
(National University Of Natural Medicine Press)
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Titles designed and produced for NUNM Press by Fourth Lloyd Productions:

The Hevert Collection:
Origins Of Naturopathic Medicine
Philosophy Of Naturopathic Medicine
Dietetics Of Naturopathic Medicine
Principles Of Naturopathic Medicine
Practice Of Naturopathich Medicine
Vaccination In Naturopathic Medicine
Physical Culture In Naturopathic Medicine
Herbs In Naturopathic Medicine

Contemporary Titles:
The Fortunate Few
Food As Medicine Everyday
Cultivating Agribusiness

b o o k   d e s i g n

We enjoy working with authors and publishers around every detail of design that makes a book elegant and true cover to cover.

Fourth Lloyd Productions is pleased to offer writers and publishers the unique advantage of working with its in-house designer, Richard Stodart. An accomplished contemporary artist — http: // www.richardstodart.com Richard's work has appeared on many book and record album covers. Publishers and writers value him highly for the quality, care, and professionalism he brings to the design process.

Design Process

We accept only copyedited manuscripts. Allowances, however, are made for minor changes in the review process.

We start with a detailed overview of your vision for the book, after which we thoroughly explore with you the best visual options until we meet the mark with your vision.

Page layout, whether simple or complex, is important. Typically, the text is reflected in some way on the cover.


From commissioned paintings, to simple spot art, to digital compositions, Richard is happy to explore with you art concepts that will enhance your book's appeal. As well, his broad collection of paintings both abstract and figurative provides a range of options available to you.


Photos are scanned for sharp detail and perfect color matching. We can also retouch them by removing scratches or aging spots, or color-adjust them for optimum reproduction.

Pre-flight and Prepress

How a book prints depends on how the files are prepared for the printer. As well as our own pre-flight check, we send you a PDF file for final review before your book is printed.


We provide you with a DVD or CD with your files clearly marked and organized.


Our pricing is competitive, and we deliver in a timely way. Please contact us about your book project at: [email protected].

We will be happy to quote you a price based on your specifications. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you.