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104 pages
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fourth lloyd productions Embracing Autism in Preschool

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Embracing Autism in Preschool is a valuable book for preschool teachers, special educators, speech/language clinicians and parents.  It underscores social interaction as the foundation for the development and use of language in natural settings.  These interactions are also crucial for further development of socialization, which is such a challenge for children on the autism spectrum.  This book's practicality and resources make it possible to truly feel, in Karen's words, that "it is a privilege to have a child with autism in your class."
        — M. Jean Buffardi, M.S., CCC-SLP, speech/language pathologist, early childhood special
            educator, and adjunct instructor, George Mason University
"I have worked with many students at various schools who are on the spectrum, one rather severely, and I am so amazed by the way they work and adapt to the world.  I want to know more about these kids and to work with them!  Thank you for this positive 'can do' book."
        –– Beth Parker, M.Ed., Teacher Collaborator, Fairfax County Schools
"Karen Griffin Roberts has written a book that concisely details the fundamentals of autism inclusion in the general education preschool classroom.  Embracing Autism in Preschool: Successful Strategies for General Education Teachers has the potential to change for the better
the way community preschools everywhere approach young children on the autism spectrum. This wonderful book supports and informs preschool teachers in their quest to meet the needs of the children in their care."
        –– Louise Bach Capps, autism advocate, parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome
"Research-based strategies in this book include teacher-tested ideas that support every young
child's learning.  Strategies and sample activities in the text and appendices are easy to read and provide a much needed resource for early childhood educators.  This book is a must-have for early childhood educators, administrators, advocates and families who care for children
with or without autism."
        –– Cherie Takemoto, Executive Director, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center