Sacred Spark by Rev. Lisa K. Sykes
A Minister Mom’s Quest to Restore the Light in Her Son’s Eyes Inspires Her Church to Protect Children from Harm and Ignites a Global Debate About Autism and Childhood Vaccines

2011 Video interview

Free and Easy Wandering:
Markings on the Way
Richard Stodart
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The critical point where European and Indian traditions of thought interrogate one another in full mutual respect...  Phrase after phrase that might appear, at first glance, to be merely descriptive, acts on the imagination like the ringing of a temple bell; illusory boundaries between inner and outer are dissolved, and the poet is so entirely present inside the language into which he conjures his experience that there is no separating the one from the other or the observer from the thing observed.
Lindsay Clark
Lewis Thompson:
Journals of
an Integral Poet
Volume One
1932 to 1944
Edited by
Richard Lannoy
Inspired by a Taoist path of nonduality, Free and Easy Wandering is a journey of transformation within a nondual realizational/dynamic framework.  As such, its twelve markings – from isolation to nonduality – negotiate light and darkness as unconditioned designations of dependent arising.
Seventeen paintings illustrate the markings.  [ more ]

Bright Wild Stone

A Contemplative Journal of Roots That Shape a Life

Rusty C. Moe


Crush Depth Alert

James D. Boswell

S E R V I N G  A D V A N C E M E N T  I N  C U L T U R E
New Poems
Rusty C. Moe
The Sower’s Seeds

James D. Boswell
Billy’s Never-ending Battle
William G. Brett
In this lively autobiography, police officer Billy Brett offers a captivating look at his battle with ADHD as his friend and foe.  Billy Brett shows how he turned self-doubt into self-power, hyper focus into easy
resourcefulness, a channel surfing mind without remote control into clear intent, and a fear of failure into imaginative success.  Funny, candid, and fast-paced, this book is an invaluable empowering resource for those wishing to understand ADHD with its challenges and struggles, its joyful freedom and creative expression.
Herbal Contraindications and Drug Interactions
Plus Herbal Adjuncts With Medicines.  Edition Four
Francis Brinker, N.D.
Integral Realist:

The Journals of Lewis Thompson
Volume Two
1945 to 1949
Edited by
Richard Lannoy
“Rusty Moe’s spiritual memoir is a lyric prose poem of pilgrimage that merrily turns Saint Augustine and Thomas Merton on their heads.  In sequence or at random, I can visit any section and find poetry, spirituality and physicality together, unfenced.  Inspired in its language, deeply meditative, fearless and mischievous, Bright Wild Stone achieves the trinity its title promises”.

–– Dan Carpenter
, editorial columnist with the Indianapolis Star and author of Hard Pieces: Dan Carpenter’s Indiana, and a book of collected poems, More Than I Could See
Way-Marks celebrates the fleeting emotions and unplanned changes occurring within, and around, each of us. Reverent and quietly beautiful, Way-Marks is a perfect book for those engaging the markings of life and gratified to find that they are not alone.
An inspiring story of profound commitment to awakening through the utmost exertion of poetic action, told with daring and fiery zeal.  In a luminous and accessible style that is critical, incisive and refreshingly alive, Thompson’s recounts his daily search for and experience of liberation while living in India among such spiritual luminaries as Sri Ramana Maharshi and Ananadamayi Ma.  Thompson’s Western heritage – from Blake to Rimbaud – is illuminated by the wisdom of Indian thought, myth and symbol. [ more ]
Reviewed in Temenos Academy Review 2009.
El Brillo Sagrado
Spanish Edition – Fall 2011
Rev. Lisa K. Sykes
Embracing Autism
In Preschool

Karen Griffin Roberts

Forword by Eva Thorp, Ph.D.

Embracing Autism in Preschool is a valuable book for preschool teachers, special educators, speech/language clinicians and parents.  It underscores social interaction as the foundation for the development and use of language in natural settings.  These interactions are also crucial for further development of socialization, which is such a challenge for children on the autism spectrum.  This book's practicality and resources make it possible to truly feel, in Karen's words, that "it is a privilege to have a child with autism in your class."

        M. Jean Buffardi, M.S., CCC-SLP, speech/language pathologist, early childhood special educator, and adjunct instructor, George Mason University

At its heart, The Sower’s Seeds is about family–those we are born into and those among whom we live.  It’s a story about living and dying, about our characteristic natures and our need for nurturing.  The Sower’s Seeds is a tapestry woven with questions and curiosity–one that recognizes how difficult it is to live with courage, integrity, and happiness.
What really caused the 2008-2009 recession, and what are the global economic implications?  Singling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Boswell shows how these privately owned Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) set mortgage rates for the rest of the country and led the housing market into crisis.  Much-needed solutions are offered for boosting the economy – including the use of methodologies such as PERC (Performance Evaluation Report Card).  
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Recent surveys indicate that 50% of the US population uses some form of complementary medicine, while the volume of prescription drugs is also widely recognized.  Herbal Contraindications and Drug Interactions, 4th edition, continues Dr. Brinker's 1997 ground-breaking work to provide users and prescribers of drugs and complementary herbal preparations handily organized Information for informed use.  Health professionals working with children, pregnancy, heart, thyroid, gastrointestinal and inflammatory diseases, chemotherapy, drug abuse, infections and issues of metabolism will find valuable new information in this 4th editiion.  
• Unique— Dr. Brinker has organized information on 98 known herbal preparations – more