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Free And Easy Wandering:
Markings On The Way

Richard Stodart

SBN: 978-0-971-78061-4
82 pages

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From ancient times to the present, from Homer's Odyssey to Dereck Walcott's epic poem, Omeros, the hero journeys to faraway places in search of adventure and freedom and returns home to share his wisdom with others.  Free and Easy Wandering: Markings on the Way, inspired by the adventure of freedom in Dragon's Play, a Taoist transmission of nonduality by Charles Belyea and Steven Tainer, reflects this tradition.

In Free and Easy Wandering: Markings on the Way, twelve abstract paintings, called Markings, represent the journey of a monkey and sage that begins in isolation and ends in nonduality.

While the workings of their struggle with autonomy, aloneness, and detachment is amidst delusion, it is ever beyond delusion. The journey as such is not progressive but realizational, suggesting that the concurrence and reciprocity of monkey and sage as cofocal intimates is such that the singular liberating momentum as the power of emptiness immerses itself in the relationship while conversely penerating it and going beyond it.