by Richard Stodart
ISBN: 978-0-971-78061-4
82 pages
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From ancient times to the present, from Homer's Odyssey to Dereck Walcott's epic poem,

Omeros, the hero journeys to faraway places in search of adventure and freedom
and returns home to share his wisdom with others.  
Free and Easy Wandering: Markings on the Way temporalizes the absolute
in that adventure by reconstructing light as a focus that illuminates
the passage of fully exerted life in which time presences
as all beings.  

Twelve “Markings” define the workings of the wanderer’s struggle
with autonomy, aloneness, and detachment within the context of the unity
of practice and enlightenment.
Also included is an outline of the wanderer’s cycle as
a four-fold process of order of the time-being.  

fourth lloyd productions free and easy wandering

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