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Let's Talk About AUTISM
In Early Childhood

Karen Griffin Roberts, M.Ed.
Foreword by
Nadine A. Bolkhovitinov, NBCT, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-0-9889391-3-4
pages 72
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About the Author

Karen Griffin Roberts earned a Masters in Special Education, and a Bachelors of Individualized Study (BIS) in Early Childhood Development: A Study in
Autism, from George Mason University (GMU). Her GMU undergraduate project to develop a manual for preschool teachers, which provided strategies for including children with autism in the classroom, won George Mason University’s BIS award for “Most Creative Project” in May 2009. Worldwide response to the project from preschool administrators, special education and general education preschool teachers and families resulted in the publication of her book,
Embracing Autism in Preschool: Successful Strategies for General Education Teachers (Fourth Lloyd Productions, 2010). Karen has taught preschool since 1992 and her teaching experience includes work with early childhood learning centers, day care centers and private preschool programs. In 1998 she was presented with the Children’s World Learning Center’s Honor Teacher Award and was one of eighteen preschool teachers chosen nationwide to attend the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s 1999 Conference in New Orleans. She is currently an early childhood special education teacher for Prince William County Schools.




"Karen Griffin Roberts demystifies the world of autism… Not only does she include the most
current information from the DSM-5 diagnosis of autism, translated into understandable language,
but she ties this new definition to young people, their struggles, and the questions that their
challenges raise for those who love them.  [This book's approach] is like a raft in the rough sea
for those who are struggling with a new diagnosis of one they love and seek clarity in their journey." 
Nadine A. Bolkhovitinov, NBCT, Ph.D. 
Early Childhood Through Young Adulthood
Exceptional Needs Specialist

"Many parents find that there is so much information available about autism that it is difficult to
know where to start.  Karen Roberts writes with a compassionate voice to answer families'
beginning questions in plain, straight forward language.  She explains terminology and education
jargon with real world examples.  The question and answer format is a perfect guide to help 
families who are beginning their journey with autism spectrum disorder and the many paths
that it may take them."

Kristen P. Scott, M.Ed., ECSE

Preschool Special Education Teacher
Prince William County Schools, Virginia

"With Karen Roberts’ background as an educator and a parent who has found herself in a very
similar situation, this book holds readers' hands and walks them through questions that they
are having and a few questions they might not have thought about yet.  I’d recommend this as
an essential guide when first embracing a diagnosis of autism for a loved one. "

Cindy L. Shupe, Parent