Fourth Lloyd Productions

Fourth Lloyd Productions LLC is a small publishing house founded by Nancy Stodart in the 1980's that is dedicated to bringing readers ideas in books on healing, medicine, spirituality, poetry, and literature that instruct, inspire, challenge, transport, and entertain.   Working with authors and editors to determine a book's focus and the scope of its reading audience, Fourth Lloyd tries to find the best design for a book that will most effectively position it with its intended audience.   Fourth Lloyd takes pride in bringing great attention to every detail of editing, typography, and layout and cover design to ensure the production of a beautiful book that satisfies its readers in every respect.

Additionally,  Fourth Lloyd is the sole representative for the sale of artworks by Richard Stodart, whose quest to conjoin self and reality in the painting experience has continued from 1972 to the present.  For paintings and drawings by Richard Stodart, please visit his website at .