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The Intimacy of Picture/Reality

Richard Stodart

SBN: 978-0-9889391-1-0 paperback
Library of Congress Control Number 2013947197
82 pages

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DreamMaking conjoins words and pictures and reality to provide a modern vision of non-duality in which enlightenment is "ever-intimate" with and transparent to delusion; right within enlightenment is the insidiousness of delusion, and right within delusion is the ambiguity of enlightenment.

The binary pair of delusion and enlightenment as entwined vines of existence-time is examined in twenty-two abstract paintings through the grid structure. Dogen's realizational/dynamic perspective of right thinking is explicated in such paintings as Entwined Vines, As One Side Is Illumined..., Sameness and Difference, Spring/Peony Flower, Mountains And Rivers, and What Is This That Comes Thus.

An attempt is thus made to deconstruct ("see")/reconstruct ("make") a dream of delusion and enlightenment as "great delusion"/"great enlightenment"–– self-completed actional understanding.

Readers will find judiciously selected passages from the textual maze of Dogen On Meditation And Thinking: A Reflection On His View of Zen by Hee-Jin Kim (SUNY Press, 2006), compiled and edited by the artist to present Dogen's thought with enhanced clarity and excitement.